Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 1989;4:327-32. To obtain optimal panoramic radiographs, mouth closure around a bite block is required during the examination. The postnatal examination determined the presence and side of clefting of the lips and alveolus and clefting of the secondary palate, and these results were compared with the prenatal diagnosis. Figure 8. In the symphyseal region, the lateral pull of the masseter muscles and infrahyoid depressors creates moments of torque that can result in rotational splaying of the fracture and flairing of the angles. Conventional techniques used to decrease metal artifacts on multidetector CT images include scanning at an axis that crosses the smallest possible area of the hardware, increasing the tube current, using a higher peak voltage, using narrow collimation, and reconstructing at thinner sections. A radiolucent socket suggests acute tooth loss (58).

Mandibular residual ridge height in relation to age, gender and duration of edentulism in a Saudi population: A clinical and radiographic study. Coronoid and ramus fractures are uncommon and rarely isolated (88). Anshul Chugh1, Poonam Bhisnoi1, Divya Kalra2, Sarita Maggu3, Virendera Singh1 (a–c) Images obtained in a 20-year-old man who presented after an assault. Augmentation of the atrophic maxilla with interpositional autogenous bone grafts, lingula of the mandible: prominent, sharp ridge in front of the mandibular foramen; gives attachment to the sphenomandibular ligament; lower border. The buccal alveolar bone height loss was measured (Fig. (g, h) Photographs show commonly used mandibular hardware. Misch CE. The thick black arrow points to the genial tubercles. Comparative evaluation of imaging techniques. (d–f) Images obtained in a 19-year-old man who presented after an assault. Volume-rendered CT image in a 63-year-old man with edentulous atrophic mandible. We did not intend to visualize the soft palate because in our previous publication11 we found difficulties in visualizing the soft palate, as the velum hangs down almost vertically and would not be at right angles to the beam in a coronal section. In this case, two lag screws were used with MMF to repair the condylar fractures with guiding elastics. The buccal (outer) surface is also labeled. Ridge mapping): Probing technique using a measuring guide. This design facilitated bony ingrowth and provided similar mechanical stimulation at the implant neck during mastication to a natural tooth. Images obtained in a 51-year-old man who underwent ORIF of a mandibular body fracture. To provide added value in the diagnosis, treatment planning, and follow-up of mandibular fractures, radiologists should be aware of these concepts. Notwithstanding the accuracy of antenatal scans, parents are always told of the possibility of false‐positive and false‐negative scans. (b) Axial coned-down CT image of the anterior mandible (arrow) also shows the dentoalveolar fragment. A screen capture of images obtained by using three-dimensional software highlights the volume visualization capabilities and ultra-high resolution of cone-beam CT. Axial thick cone-beam CT image with multiplanar reformation (top left), curved planar cone-beam CT image with reformation of the mandible (top right), three-dimensional volume-rendered image (bottom left), and coronal oblique cone-beam CT image obtained along the long axis of the right condyle (bottom right) are shown. After lag screw fixation of symphysis fractures, distraction of the fragments can sometimes result from an improperly performed technique—for example, with inadequate countersinking, whereby the screw head does not lie flush with the bone (86).


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