The ending to that dlc shouldn't of been dlc. There's nothing tied to the choice you make, so pick whichever one you want. Once you've dealt with the guards, grab the code book and leave the shipyard and go to the Adrestia to start hunting down the second set of books. Kill him for Order of the Dominion (4/7), as well as the Master Assassin's Robes. Take him out and you'll have defeated Order of the Storm (1/5) as well as receiving a clue to the next Ancient, Augos. Back to the Give Our Respects quest, head north to the Stenyklaros Checkpoint where there are two more Order guards to take out, then head south back towards Aipeia and to the Temple of Apollo Korythos where the last three guards are. For the first half of the fight, he'll fight with a sword and shield (which can't be broken) but it's not too tricky to get around it with various skills. There's a good chance he'll be surrounded by other guards, but he does venture out on his own occasionally so you can wait until then if you wish. Head back to the house in the Istion Valley and approach the bouquet of flowers on the floor. Leave the fort and return to Natakas, who will now be outside the northern part of the fort. You'll now be introduced to the Order of the Storm. Travel a short way south to the Amphitheater and speak to the man in blue clothing in the front row. Choose to investigate the pyres of hay, then travel to a second farm a short way west and speak to Darius again. Travel a short way north to speak to Darius for a cutscene. Travel east along the coastline towards the Underwater Cavern, and use Ikaros when promoted to locate the doctor on the beach, take out the soldiers and speak to her when you arrive. Once he's down to half health, you'll have to fight both of them at once. Speak to Natakas again, then head to the cliff edge with him for a cutscene. for killing the Huntsman, who is Order of Hunters (7/7), and you'll also receive the Persian Elite Chest Guard. It's located in the Assassin skill tree next to Slow Time, and requires no additional unlocks to obtain. Killing 10 enemies with the Rapid Fire ability will unlock; Rain of ArrowsKill 10 enemies using the Rapid Fire ability.2 guides. Head to the docks on the western side of Scavenger's Coast and approach the foreman for a cutscene. The second thing is that there is a new menu option in the Cultist menu, leading you to the Order of Ancients. Of course, you could always try looking for him around the city without the clue, he will be in a large building directly north of the city icon surrounded by a couple of guards. Make your way around the house, freeing them all, then follow the last one you free towards an underground location and speak to them when you arrive. Talk to Parmys again, then head north-west to the Shipyard of Patrai and use Ikaros to locate the first two code books. He will be surrounded by a few guards, but they shouldn't provide too much trouble. Kill her and her two guards to get the Order of Hunters (5/7), as well as the Persian Elite Arm Guards, then talk to Natakas to end the quest. Fight the four guards off, then follow the woman again and talk to the children when you arrive at a small boat. Once they're dealt with, return to Darius and talk to him again. It'll be noted when you come across them, but as they're no different to regular mercenaries, their quests won't be detailed fully, only where you can find them. Head to the Leader House in Aipeia and use Ikaros to locate the the Helots. After the cutscene, return to the house in Dyme and read the letter inside, then speak to Darius outside after a short scene. After a short cutscene, fight off the assailant, then travel north-east to the Rock Arch and head inside for another cutscene. If you have anyone searching for you, you'll have to kill them off first as well. First, you will receive the Pride of the Lion sword, you will need to equip this and kill four enemies in one Rush Assassination for an achievement. Killing four enemies in one Rush Assassination will unlock; Land a Rush Assassinate that chains 4 times with the Pride of the Lion. Once he's under half health, he'll ditch the shield and start using a flame sword, making the fight significantly harder as he can deal a lot of damage at once, with fire damage on top. You'll need to use Ikaros to locate the various guards in Ithome Fort, the Stenyklaros Checkpoint, and the Temple of Apollo Korythos. Finishing up the Dead Man Rises quest, travel to the blacksmith in the city and speak to the man outside and hand over the bear pelts, then choose "...And we are the Order." If you paid attention to the note on the ship, you'll know who to accuse, but if you can't remember, choose "Stop Lying, Doctor" and this will reveal her as a member of the Ancients. Legacy of The First Blade is a story DLC for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. If you want the better ending, choose "Kleta, stay back!". This episode has an achievement tied to killing 10 enemies with the Rapid Fire ability. For now, travel north-west to Patrai and to the Leader House there, use Ikaros to find the note on the north-western corner of the house, and go in and grab it. Afterwards, head north-east to a burning village where there will be several guards to take care of, before freeing the three prisoners. Destroy it to get the third code book, then head west towards Kephallonia to find the fourth and final book aboard another Spartan Ship. After the short cutscene, return to the Adrestia and defeat the bandit ships sailing of the south coast of the left tip of Makedonia. Go through the building he's next to and turn right to speak to a man next to a pile of wood chippings. Arrows are a good choice to build up adrenaline to keep up the healing. You can get headshots on civilians and animals if you want an easy time doing so, but make sure you kill them in the process. The second episode has been released today, and it is where the story of the hidden blade’s beginnings ends. There's a good amount of grass cover to use if use wish, making it slightly easier to get there. Head back into the burnt village, and on its eastern side, about half way up is another cart with a note on it. Whilst inside the fortress, if you make your way to the tall building in the middle with the Nation Chest, you can find a clue to the first Ancient, Nestor, you'll get to him later. It would of made the ending of the main game a lot more interesting. During the cutscene, do not pick the last option unless you really want to kill the civilians. Follow Gergis on horseback until another cutscene plays out, during which you can decide to kill him or not. Meet Darius and Natakas back on the coast where you fought Phila and talk to them. Travel to the Triple Peninsula of Chalkidike region and dock on the western side to reach Potidaia for a cutscene. Killing 10 enemies with Death Veil will unlock; Kill 10 enemies using the Death Veil ability. It won't be a difficult fight, after which you'll have killed Order of Dominion (6/7), and also receive the Golden Harbinger legendary staff. If you arrive in Amphipolis at night, and you grabbed the note on the wall in the Rock Arch hideout to start. After killing Theos (or before if you wish), travel to the peak of Mount Ainos to find a lion looking out to sea, kill it to unlock; Finally, travel north to Amphipolis to go after Agis of the North. Killing him will be Order of the Storm (2/5), and you will receive the Armor-Piercing Spear of the Unbreakable legendary spear for doing so. Travel north to the northern side of Mount Pangeon for a cutscene, after which you'll have to fight off six of the Huntsman's guards. After the cutscene, follow Natakas along the river until you're asked to find seven shellfish along the shoreline, they're all in wooden baskets in the water so they're very easy to spot.


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