After each flight a team of cleaners will come in and collect all these blankets.


aims to establish a close working relationship with all their associates by fully understanding the requirement of each particular project and provide a responsive and inventive design service that fully respects the clients’ budget, quality and timeframe. Do they count them? gain a better fireproof performance, flame and tear Silicon Graphite coated with Fibreglass Fabric, Vermiculite coated with Fibreglass Fabric. Withstands high temperature slag and spark, good choice for hull task. 0.914 X 50mtr/roll Silica Fire Blanket GEOTEX Silica, 1mtr X 50mtr /roll Silica Fire Blanket GEOTEX Silica, Silicon Adhesive coated with Fibreglass Fabric. 24/7 service .Best Cheap and best Laundry and dry cleaning service. The throw measures 50 inches by 60 inches, and it’s perfect for those chilly Sunday mornings with a cup of tea and a book. It protects against fire, intense heat and burn, shattered glass and sharp metal edges.It helps us to escape safely The blanket has an automatic 2-hour timer, helping you fall …

These blankets are specially treated in order to

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"" : ""); Contact Us for latest discounts. This is comonly used in industrial, marine and aerospace applications. Copyright © 2020,, All Rights Reserved. MicrofiberOuter Cover:100% MicrofiberPacking Vaccum.. Pillow with filled anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and dust-mite-proof hollow fibers that offer firm sup.. Blankets & throws Whether draped over your shoulders or adding a stylish touch to your sofa, our blankets and throws may be the easiest way to bring warmth into a home. Stay up to date with our promotions by signing up for our weekly newsletter. E Glass Fibre Glass is the most common types of glass fiber used in fibreglass. is a Qatar based professionally managed independent Contracting Company.

98 QR. Will anyone stop someone from taking the blankets with them once they disembark? SFCO QATAR INSULATION W.L.L. 160 QR. No. They add colour, texture, and cosiness, and they can instantly update an old armchair and give a new feeling to a room – while expressing your style. Operated & Powered by: Portal Web Services. Featured Stores + Show Featured eStores 152 QR. It provides an excellent balance between cost and performance. Fire Blankets are made of E-Glass fiberglass fabric. Filling:100% ViscoelasticOuter Cover:100% Polyester treated with Aloe VeraInner Cover:50% Cotton50% .. Vicos Fresh Gel Pillow“The VISCO GEL pillow, offers a unique fresh feeling, due to its gel film.” “T.. Technical Pillow SLEEP REVITALIZEThis fabric is manufactured using the same smart weave techniquetha.. Technical Pillow SLEEP FRESHA combination of the Sleep Fresh pillow protector and ahigh-quality visc.. Whatever your style, MORA offer wide range of colors to you.Luminous and elegant colors,Our towels a.. Mora General Trading is the sole distributor of Mora brand from Textils Mora, Spain, the world leader among blanket manufacturers. It set the standard for flexibility and minimum lineal shrinkage under high heat conditions. Established in 1988, our company has emerged as the leading supplier of quality linen from Spain and holds the number one position in the UAE market. It can quickly extinguish a small fire or apparel engulfed in flames. Abrasion resistant, and flame retardant (For heavy welding).

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MORA....The Spanish Art of Living"Decorate your home in the latest fashion". Terms & Conditions | TrustLogo("", "POSDV", "none"); Copyright © 2013 | Doha - Qatar | Mora Spain.....The Spanish Art Of Living Our  3D blankets have a high rate of air circulat.. Made in SpainMORA....The Spanish Art of Living"Decorate your home in the latest fashion".We present .. Mora Spain.....The Spanish Art Of Living Our blankets have a high rate of air circulation due t.. Made in SpainOur blankets have a high rate of air circulation due to its acrylic content, which.. Mora Spain.....The Spanish Art Of LivingANIMAL PRINTSThis is an eternal tendency that turns up faith.. Mora Spain.....The Spanish Art Of Living The Royal Bengal Tiger.......Bring our range of Wild L.. Mora Spain....."The Spanish Art Of Living"Thermal Comfort TISLEN is a soft microfiber which provides.. FLORA Blankets Where dreams become reality FLORA  blankets are super soft, smooth and warm.. Mora Spain.....The Spanish Art Of LivingFeel the warmth and softness only MORA blankets can bring.OU.. Mora Spain.....The Spanish Art Of LivingElegant embroidery endows the blanket with an enchantingmagi.. Mora Spain.....The Spanish Art Of LivingTRENDY BABIESNumerous combinations, colours, design and qual.. MORA ANIMAL PRINTSThis is an eternal tendency that turns up faithfully every season.Prints that brin.. 1mtr x 50mtr/roll Fire Blanket 3732 Geotex 043, 1mtr x 50mtr/roll Fire Blanket 3800 Geotex 1, 1mtr x 50mtr/roll Fire Blanket 7628 Geotex 020, 1mtr x 50mtr/roll Fire Blanket 3784 Geotex 080, 1mtr x 50mtr/roll Fire Blanket 3788 Geotex 170, 1mtr x 50mtr/roll Fire Blanket Adhesive coated Geotex 055, Abrasion resistant, anti-adhesive allergan resistant, easy to cuts, Polyurethane coated with fibreglass fabric. //]]> We present our new.. Mora Spain.....The Spanish Art Of Living MORA Velvet Comforters are made with superior textiles.. Sizes:50X75Filling:100% Polyester Type : Mica coated with fibreglass fabric. in the event of fire. VIVALON BLANKET 200X240 2PLY. Best offers on Cookware, Dinner Set, Flask, Blanket, Furniture, Cosmetics, Detergents, Dish Wash, So... From: 14 October 2020 To: 20 October 2020 Durability is further enhanced with hydrocarbon coating which provides high abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Lulu Hypermarket Weekly Prices Great Deals in Qatar from 14 to 20 October 2020. The bed blanket comes in full, queen or king sizes; color options include ivory, blue and tan. 1mtr x 50mtr/roll Fire Blanket 3788 Geotex 170 ; Temp : 550°C; Thickness : 1.70mm; Weight : 1700gsm; Colours : Brown; Product code : 36FB-0.55-ADH-N. Size/Description : 1mtr x 50mtr/roll Fire Blanket Adhesive coated Geotex 055 ; Temp : 700°C; Thickness : 0.55mm; Weight : 550gsm; Colours : Brown/white; Fibreglass fabrics finishing style: Neoprene coated with fibreglass fabric With special new Fire Mica Compound coating, it can be effective to withstand bumb 2000°C welding slag. Used for heat preservation and thermal insulation. [CDATA[ Able to maintain its strength and properties over a wide range of conditions. MORA Blanket Comforter 5pc set---MV-A03-33, MORA Blanket Comforter 5pc set---MV-A03-16, MORA Blanket Comforter 5pc set---MV-A04-02, MORA Blanket Comforter 5pc set---MV-A05-07, MORA Blanket Comforter 5pc set---MV-A06-15, Mora Baby Coat-80x90CM---Embroidered-016-C02, Mora Baby Coat-80x90CM---Embroidered-016-C04, Mora Percale Bedsheet D236-05 - 4pc King Set, Mora Percale Bedsheet D246-05 - 4pc King Set, MORA Blanket-King-Engraved-220x240CM---750-02, FLORA Blanket-King-Engraved-220x240CM---F751-02, Mora Baby Blanket-80x110CM---Printed-PL828-C05, Mora Baby Blanket-80x110CM---Printed-PL828-C12, Mora Baby Coat-80x90CM---Embroidered-016-C05, MORA Blanket Comforter 5pc set---MV-A01-05, MORA Blanket Comforter 5pc set---MV-A04-16, MORA Blanket Comforter 5pc set---MV-A05-02, Mora Jacquard Towel 2pc 30x50 cm -267-02. Welding /cutting, molten metal splash protection. Join Us | Suitable for all Fabrication and Welding applications. //

Abrasion resistant and flame retardant, high temperature resistant and heavy welding. UNO1 BLANKET 200X240.

resistant. Acid & Alkali resistant, Oil resistant and Flame resistant. No they dont. Material: New fibreglass fabric with mica compound coating Instant impact temperature: 2000°C . document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + tlJsHost + "trustlogo/javascript/trustlogo.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); Qatar's premier dry cleaners and launderers, Avail latest discounts on good Laundry service and Dry Cleaning Service near me. SFCO QATAR INSULATION W.L.L.


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