This is a way in which Greenville has remained the same, but Georgiana’s new full time work schedule results in major changes, including nursery school. The idea of her father fading out of her memory disturbs Jacqueline. But she decides to make these changes for at least one reason: Eilis idolizes her sister. Even without a husband, she supports her mother and sister, and manages to look even more stylish than her married friends while doing it. In 1886, Dr. Gloucester was now in his 60s. On her way home, she stops at the house of her best friend, Nancy Byrne. She misses her brother, and she recognizes the toll his departure has had on her mother and sister as well. The Gloucesters and their five children moved into the midst of Brooklyn’s finest neighborhood, and established an upscale boarding house called Remsen House. Though this accent makes her more at home in Brooklyn, it alienates her from Greenville, which she still longs for. When Roman’s sickness results in a hospital stay, Jacqueline reflects on how, before she met Roman and in the early days of knowing him, she worried about no longer being the baby of the family. Jacqueline understands clearly now that Greenville has changed while she was away, and her changing relationship to the swings also confirms the changes within herself. There is no work in Enniscorthy, even for someone smart and motivated like Eilis. She deals promptly with their rude neighbors, using her nail file to pick the lock. He tells her that there is ample bookkeeping work for a smart, hard-working girl like Eilis in Brooklyn, near his parish. America affords her an education, as well as a sense of sophistication, but she continues to struggle with her sense of... Brooklyn study guide contains a biography of Colm Toibin, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Jacqueline begins to process Aunt Kay’s death by listing memories of her, thinking of the various moments of love and affection that they had together. Adelaide Gloucester married well, becoming the wife of Mr. George Rice, a wealthy colored man, about whom the paper had no further details. Eilis believes that she will be content this way, that this is the life she is meant to lead. James Gloucester was pastor and founder of Siloam Baptist Church, one of the many new independent African American churches being organized in Brooklyn in the first half of the 19th century. He is unfriendly, disdaining to talk to Eilis even when they are left alone together at the bar during the next set. Please check in with the Clerk when you appear. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. Here, Jacqueline experiences the limits of imagination— she wants to be able to invent her own rules and imagine the conditions of the chess game, but the others refuse to let her. James had engaged the services of John F. Quarles, as attorney. When Eilis tells Tony that she loves him too, why do you think she doesn’t want to talk about kids or anything else? There are a few women with them, and Nancy, distraught, tries to leave, but Eilis urges her to wait. They were the executors of the estate. He received $20,000 from his mother’s estate when he was twenty years old. Sunday morning, she is up bright and early to attend 7 o’clock mass with Mary and Miss Kelly. everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Another Brooklyn. “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. But the worry is hard to escape, both for her and her family. Again, Jacqueline’s language prevents her from being totally at home in either the North or the South. He was 70, and like his wife, succumbed to pneumonia. But over the course of a few days, she reconsiders, thinking about how she has heard that there is more opportunity in America than even in England. Jacqueline states that she has no more memories of Aunt Kay after her funeral, and clearly the inability to make more memories with her pains Jacqueline. But in spite of her mother's wounded pride, Eilis knows she needs the job, a fact that is highlighted when her mother "made breadcrumbs with the stale bread and roasted stuffed pork" (22). Eilis is shaken when her mother nearly breaks into tears while talking to a neighbor about the upcoming journey. Jacqueline’s love of music, first noted when she listens to Gunnar singing on his way home from work, recurs in this poem, as Jacqueline and her siblings sing in church. Although the memories of Aunt Kay seem to help Jacqueline process her death, the family also seems to find the stairs, which recall Kay’s memory, extremely painful. With Georgina’s guidance, Eilis is able to somewhat manage her seasickness for the remaining days, though she never completely recovers. Again, rather than providing support and guidance for Jacqueline, Jacqueline portrays her religious duties as a burden that she does not know why she must carry. The establishment was very successful. It is clear that she is no stranger to sea voyages, and she offers to show Eilis around, but Eilis declines. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. Another man was contracted to build a house on one of the farms, as well as the same style house on another of the doctor’s properties. Jacqueline takes comfort in the routine of life in the South, feeling at home there in a way that she does not yet feel at home in the North. Her mother remarks that George is lucky to date a girl as beautiful as Nancy, and that the shopkeepers in town have no reason to think themselves so much better than their neighbors. Jacqueline’s insistence that she will never call New York home shows Jacqueline’s discomfort in the North. She was lauded in the world’s press as being the wealthiest colored woman in America, a rags-to-riches story in a country that had ended the enslavement of her people only twenty-five years earlier. Book Summary. But economic mobility is next to impossible, and much of the working class is being pushed out of the community all together. The streets of New York seem inhospitable to her, as they are hot and covered in glass. Eilis has few other options. He has blonde hair and clear blue eyes and isn’t much taller than her. Jacqueline thinks the book is aesthetically beautiful. Her funeral brought them out in full force, a mixture of Brooklyn’s black and white elite, all mourning the passing of a legend. August often roamed the neighborhood looking for signs of her mother, who she had begun to realize must be changed by now.


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