RELATED: DCAU: 5 Reasons Lex Luthor Was The Best Villain (& 5 Why Darkseid Was Better). If thats the case in his current form as Lord Marvel he would beat Darkseid. Black Panther. Because Cap is as strong, fast and durable as Superman, and since Supes has defeated him. Thanks for keeping it classy, OhTru. So Avengers lose there. Darkseid is pure evil. Fuck. I don't see them being able to contain the whole army and thus resulting in most of NYC's population getting toasted. ", Going with Darkseid on this one he is everybit as strong and durable as Superman, probably even more and only reason why Captain Marvel has beaten Superman is his magical weakness which Darkseid does not have...not even the Spectre could put Darkseid down and kill him when Spectre blasted him he reformed seconds later, how is Cap Marvel gonna put him down for good ? So, Darkseid for the definate win!". Press J to jump to the feed. There are few beings who can stand against Darkseid's might and he knows it. When speaking of Darkseid, one can't discount the sheer power of his world, Apokolips. One of the things about fighting Darkseid is that he isn't just a powerful being but a force of nature. RELATED: Fantastic Four: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Castle Doom, Dr. Doom's Home. Later in life, Doom would learn magic in order to get her back. Comment. Darkseid has some basic knowledge about the Avengers abilities. Darkseid's greatest power is the Omega Beams. Well, I consider Shazam to be around Darkseid level, and as stated, this is only Capt Marvel! The Doombots give Doctor Doom a powerful fighting force to use against his enemies. Under Darkseid everyone, even his servants, are meant to suffer and he enjoys it. if they gangbang him they might be able to take Darkseid 6-7/10 times. Darkseid always comes back to life because he's a fundamental part of the universe. LOL jk, Hmm....I think they are pretty much even. Doom has dealt with interdimensional travel, ultra-powerful cosmic entities, gods and devils, and things of that nature. So, Darkseid for the definate win! Darkseid is easily one of the most formidable beings in the DC Universe. If so, please post a scan. " It's also chock full of other weapon systems, all the better to help Doom battle his enemies. Doom's armor allowed him to drain the being's omnipotent power. While Doom has been able to overcome powerful beings in the past, Darkseid and all he can bring to bear would allow him to destroy Marvel's powerful being. Round 1: Random encounter. By David Harth Sep 26, 2020. It seems like we are talking about Billy Baston here.


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