It remains alert in the service of its owner at all times, whether it is day or night. The mother dog feeds the puppies and takes care of them till they become self-sufficient. Read the label of a prospective food. Order an essay. He is happy to go everywhere with his master. They are found all over the world.

Some people keep domesticated sheep and they have dogs, because they have proved very useful in caring for sheep. Taking care of a dog does not cost a fortune; instead, you can take care of your dog by doing these simple things that will also be in your budget. Your email address will not be published. We trained him to follow our instructions and he even learned a few tricks.

Also, dogs deviate your mind from all the worries and problems it just keeps you happy. You make him learn new things, and he will love it. Some people are very fond of dogs so they keep one with them just to love and nurture them.

Your email address will not be published. It emits a lot of sounds, which reflect their different moods! In places like Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, wild dogs are seen like foxes and wolves.

Essay on dog For Senior Students (1000words) We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend and have always been a part of our human society. It runs very fast, barks loudly and attacks the strangers.

But having a dog means you will a have a friend for life that too will always stick by you and live with you 24/7, will watch over you and will love you unconditionally. You can go swimming with him and have a great time together. But they are a very attention seeker, they want your attention more than anything, and they will do things to grab your attention. Which depends on their type. 99 percent of the dogs’ DNA comes from them. I have seen many people owning a dog, and the way they communicate with their dog is just amazing, it feels like they are the part of the family and not a pet. It has four legs. Cats are the choice pet for many people. There are different breeds of dogs that have different requirements. The dogs have a life span 12 to 15 years. But on becoming mad, they become very dangerous. In short, a dog can be your partner in crime, your best buddy, your shoulder to cry on and your guardian and the most amazing thing is it won’t leave you until he dies but before that he will always look out for you and will have your back and going to love you the most. No man can feel lonely when he has a dog for company. Essay on dog For Senior Students (1000words). Like other pets, a dog is also a pet. His primary movement was annihilating rodents and snakes and he was an extraordinary guard dog and friend. It takes the policemen to the place where the criminal is hidden. They have a range of products for the dogs. It always supports the person with love and honesty. you will see a huge difference. Having a pet is a lot of physical activities so if you think you are not an active person then own a dog, and you will see a huge difference. Some are as small as rabbits and some as big as goats. This relationship between you and your dog keeps growing and keeps getting stronger with time. The road to success is always under construction.

It’s going to stay loyal to you, become your best buddy and often will sleep cuddling you and going to bark whenever he sees a stranger or someone that he feels is dangerous for you. The rich people raise dogs to guard the house. But to get even better mark, you should study the online samples on this topic and take advantage of their structure, as your article must have an excellent introduction to grab readers’ attention and conclusion to end it. If you have a dog, it means you will have a best friend for life. The German shepherd is we all know as always considered by policeman due to their confident and bold nature and they also are a fast learner. Neighbours are all worry as soon as they get a thief’s call at night and due to this, the thief is forced to flee. Read 500 Words Essay on Dog here. Students who find writing to be a difficult task. Essay on dog For Elementary level (300words). For me the dog is a perfect pet, it is more like a friend who stays with you and protects you. Dogs can eat biscuits, meat, vegetables, milk, and other preparation food that is specially prepared for dogs. Other than that, you feel special when you have a dog because it makes you feel secure. And that time the thieves are sometimes caught by the dogs. It becomes mandatory to have an injection on its bite. Dogs are also considered as swami devotees. It is believed that dogs were first domesticated by humans. When you return home from an exhausting day at work, and you see the cute little paws of happiness—your pet dog—waiting for you by the door to greet with cuddles, slobbery kisses and, some lovely woofs. People love having a pet so that they can take care of them, spend time with them and love them with all their heart. Aside the fact that they are a delight to look upon, they are also sweet creatures that act in ways we can learn from. Dogs are very beneficial animals though. Because he uses his toe while walking or running. However due to frequent attacks on people certain breeds are banned from breeding, keeping and selling. A dog is a pet animal kept by many people to protect their houses. As soon as the doorbell rings, the dog becomes alert and starts looking at the stranger.

The dog is a pet animal.

You have to love him to spoil him I would not call it spoiling, but this is just love that your dog needs. Make a room from him, where he can play and rest at night, bring new toys for him or play new games with him that he likes and sleep with him and cuddle more often and he would never leave you. Dogs are such a concerned pet, they if you feel sad they will come to you and make you happy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Other than that, the dog should be provided with good quality food and fresh water, so he stays fit and healthy. The dog is a pet animal. However, along with all this, you can also play with him, and he will be more than happy. The question should be what jobs you cannot give to a dog. She also loved Lily, her little owner very much. Dogs can be the most adorable pet, they will love you, they will keep you secure and show their love most cutely by licking you, and you can’t do anything but only love them back. Give him a good massage and see how he falls asleep, Dogs do not require a lot of caretaking, all they need is your love and your time plus good food and water and they will, We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend and have always been. Although the dog sleeps during the day, it remains active at night. It is a very clever animal and is very useful in catching thieves. Its teeth are large, pointed. There are so many jobs that you can give to your dog, but every dog is different, and tasks should be given considering this fact, and in the end, it is all about training. Make sure your dog’s teeth are clean and free from cavities as some breeds are more prone to teeth diseases than others and it can also be fatal. Taking care of a dog is very easy, but one should be regular with it. Other than that, you feel special when you have a dog because it makes you feel secure. If you have a dog, it means you will have a best friend for life. There are many methods to teach a dog to respond to commands, but the most commons are: operant conditioning that uses stimulus, punishment, reinforcement, social learning, and observational learning. uses cookies. For this reason, it is also called a faithful animal.

They have shiny eyes, and because of their very sharp teeth, they can easily rip anything from these teeth. I hope that all you dog owners enjoy this article, and learn something new while you’re at it. We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend and have always been a part of our human society. Cook him his favorite food, bath him, take him to a parlor for proper grooming, and make a small doghouse for your dog where he can rest. Originally originated from the species of dog wolves. Almost every dog owner remembers each dog he or she has owned. Dogs vary in colour, size, weight, and habits. It has two eyes, two ears and a tail. Wild dogs are rarely found in India. Moreover, they will love you deeply and keep all the negative people away from you. There are plenty of things that a dog can do, like fetching a ball, bringing your things, they can guard your house, go on long walks with you. I have seen many people owning a dog, and the way they communicate with their dog is just amazing, it feels like they are the part of the family and not a pet.

It is a very useful animal for people who are handicapped as dogs can do a lot of work for them, like fetching a thing, taking them to places, finding things and guard the house, etc.

For me the dog is a. I always took Sasha out with me as he loved taking a walk on the road. Social Media Essay for Students (500 Words and 300 Words), Essay on Pollution for Students and Children. Dogs have a warmer body than humans. Thank you for reading our article. Like you can make your dog bring things for you, train him to understand your commands so that he can help you in times of need and call for help if you ever meet an accident. For this reason, they are also called intelligent animals.


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