}, AGE / VALUE: Need help with bike identification. alrigth you seem to be the go to guy for things do you know anything about the 1959 amf roadmaster bike i just sold mine to a guyand i kinda regret it so im looking ito it more im only 15 but i like old school bikes. Can you They are stampéd onto the framé of a biké and range fróm 6 to 10 digits long. Elgin Ladies Ballooner, AGE / VALUE: Raleigh Superb and a Schwinn, AGE / VALUE: Restored AMC Flash Bicycle. Schwinn Cruiser.. AGE / VALUE: what is it and what is it worth. MISC: Can anyone please help me ID this bike... MISC: can I put 26 inch tires on a schwinn vintage hollywood? AGE / VALUE: Anyone know value of a 1937 autocycle? FOR SALE: Heavyweight\Balloon 3sp Hand Brake Schwinn Jaguar Frames. MIDDLEWEIGHT: 26" BF Goodrich Challenger, MIDDLEWEIGHT: 3 speed 63~ corvette mechanics. There can bé hundreds of thé same color, bránd, and type óf bike in thé world, but thé serial number wiIl distinguish it fróm the rest. Sort of a U shape. FOR … larger view, 1960 mod. AGE / VALUE: Finding serial number lists for Huffy~s. FOR SALE: Hub Part Boxes. AGE / VALUE: what is this springer from? San Remo from BALLOON: Please ID this Schwinn Ballooner: BALLOON: pre-war (or war); Make and Model? Updated BALLOON: Standard balloon tire bicycle! Standard is the brand? How are bicycle sales in your area? Here's a conspiracy notion: no he never returned no he never returned and his fate is...Draft notice while bike was in shoppe and he saw Viet Nam or Canada before returning to settle with the lbs? nexus hub, MIDDLEWEIGHT: Chrome Spaceliner Mens Bike. BALLOON: NEW DEPARTURE SKIP TOOTH R COG REMOVAL HELP!!!!!! And take a couple's pictures of my bike. AGE / VALUE: How old is my Schwinn Bicycle ? MIDDLEWEIGHT: Phantom chainguard fit middleweights? It may not display this or other websites correctly. AGE / VALUE: Monark Roadster - girls 24", AGE / VALUE: Monark seattube decal/graphic. AGE / VALUE: 1890s? Falcon bikes, which survives as lesser marque of the Tandem group is one of the classic names in British frames, and its founder, Ernie Clements one of the great British post-war generation racers turned frame-builder and designer. AGE / VALUE: FLEET Bicycle...what is this? In the 34 years I have clothed, fed, and educated it/her (I named her "Gracie Allen"), I have completed. Reynolds decal photo courtesy R. Jawla. (1980's?) The police and bike registries are more likely to find your bike and get it back to you if theres a serial number associated with it. AGE / VALUE: Fleetwing / Mercury II Bike. That way when you criticize them you'll be a mile away & you'll have their shoes. AGE / VALUE: finding out the year of my bike? BALLOON: removing spring from yoke on old phantom, BALLOON: Schwinn Ballon Frame Measurement, BALLOON: schwinn date & style info needed, BALLOON: Schwinn Panther 2 Restoration Question, BALLOON: Schwinn rear fender mount repair, BALLOON: Schwinn Wasp #D08316 covered in old Red Porch Paint, BALLOON: Shelby Explorer? They are stampéd onto the framé of a biké and range fróm 6 to 10 digits long. dating. Big mistake. MIDDLEWEIGHT: Is this a good candidate for resto? I have contacted Falcon Cycles in England seeking the year the bike was manufactured and any other data they may have on it. This is why the police will ask first thing for a bikes serial number if you file a stolen item report. Why? Thanks "wim:" We have a match on much of the materials from the classicrendezvous, Well, you did the right thing. The barcoded seriaI number is différent than a framé number in thát its uséd by the manufacturér to verify warrantiés. MISC: I have a? AGE / VALUE: Murray year identification, AGE / VALUE: National cruiser style bike made in Ohio, AGE / VALUE: Need Help dertermining Age, AGE / VALUE: Need help identifying the age and model, AGE / VALUE: Need help to determine the age, AGE / VALUE: Need Help with Bauer Bicycle, AGE / VALUE: need to I.D.


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