So with that being said, here we go. We all agree Thanos wins but even Namor, Black Bolt survived one hit. and kill's him. It's The Ambiguously Gay Duo(from Saturday Night Live's Saturday TV Funhouse). Hi there! yeah but not amplifying his physical powers. @mrdevil: The incursion is what caused the destruction. Reviews: 0. He has been hurt or beaten by Wonder man, Gladiator and Thor. User Lists: 0 #1 Blitzwings. You need to activate the power Gem to use it. Seriously, this version of Hyperion isn't even on par with Thor. New to Solid Flims? As both Hyperion (Marcus Milton (Earth-13034)) and Thanos (Thanos (Earth-616)) belong to this group, to varying degrees. Thanos vs Hyperion 56 results; 1; 2; Blitzwings. Wiki Points. since Hyperion survive the destruction of his home universe i would say yeah he is. Eternals are beings that have been genetically modified by the Celestials (Celestials (Race)). yeah but Thanos is immortal yet Thor while enraged and no holding back make him bleed as well. His durability is not on Thanos level. The gems work subconsciously. Thanos. 0. If so, here's what you need to know -- I post Marvel Contest of Champions content a LOT, so I … Hyperion will put up a decent fight, but the end result was clear all along. @mrdevil: It's not like he survived an explosion or anything. Followers. 0. Heheh. @mrdevil: thor was amplifying his powers. In this video, its a duel between Hyperion and Thanos! Thanos. Follow 916. Thanos wins this. @mrdevil: gladiator absolutely wrecked hyperion by snapping his neck.. thanos did say something like he didn't really wanna fight gladiator but I think everyone would agree thanos stomps gladiator. actually hyperion has the greater durability of both. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. That's not how incursions destroy universes, they sort of just get deleted. Watch Queue Queue © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. is that why you're on this silly little crusade against him? Hyperion was struggling with one of his minions so he wouldn't be able to win here. Surviving one has nothing to do with durability. Hyperion kills himself whilst trying to to hurt Thanos. Thor was fighting a thanos clone when he had the belt of strength. Thor actually make him bleed with his own physical effort or why do you think Thor beat Thanos with the belt of strength while he barely "stalemate" with him with the power gem. he didn't survive a incursion he survive it's destruction. This video is unavailable. In "Celestial Messiah" it was revealed that it was a clone. Forum Posts. Normally in … Did Thanos win against your favorite comic character? @mrdevil: that is a high feat for Hyperion. @mrdevil: Thor had the Power gem when he made Thanos bleed, @mrdevil: damn well there are a lot of hyperion versions. Impressive as it is, he's not even remotely as durable as thanos. Watch Queue Queue. What hyperion survived was the collision of two planets, Universes were destroyed by the incursion. Hype will do damage but not enough frankly. So Thor was tapping into the power gem. @mrdevil: No. we saw Thanos bend to the very Black Bolt, but who would win between Hyperion ?, and both are of the same species tempted understood. Marvel Contest of Champions - Hyperion Vs Master Mode Thanos


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