- All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 21.1 inches (Americus on July 6, 1994) On Aug. 19, 1955, The Great Flood of 1955 occurred in Burlington. The deluge also damaged the railroad service that took several months to recover even after the floodwaters receded. Prospect Creek recorded the coldest ever U.S. temperature of -80 degrees in 1971. The hottest day on record was August 1 1977 when the temperature hit 86.0°F. Click on each of the measures in the key to toggle them on and off. - All-time highest 24-hour snowfall: 67 inches (Echo Summit Sierra at Tahoe on Jan. 5, 1982) - All-time lowest temperature: -80° F (Prospect Creek on Jan. 23, 1971) - All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 15.05 inches (Seward Airport on Oct. 10, 1986) - All-time highest 24-hour snowfall: 78 inches (Mile 47 Camp on Feb. 9, 1963) Prospect Creek recorded the coldest ever U.S. temperature of -80 degrees in 1971. More recently, in February 2019, news reports observed that June Mountain in the Sierra Nevada, located east of Yosemite National Park, reported 72 inches of snow in 24 hours. - All-time lowest temperature: -45° F (Boca on Jan. 20, 1937) - All-time lowest temperature: -29° F (Gravette on Feb.13, 1905) Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve // Flickr, U.S. Learn about one of the world's oldest and most popular religions. Below is a list of the lowest recorded temperatures in each state. - All-time lowest temperature: -32° F (Falls Village on Feb. 16, 1943) - All-time highest temperature: 128° F (Lake Havasu City on June 29, 1994) In October 2018, the city of Seward was forced to announce an emergency declaration after facing the wrath of heavy flooding yet again. The world record, also recorded at Death Valley, was 134 degrees in July 1913. The summary climate graph for Nome, AK shows a selection of temperature, rainfall and snow minimum, mean and maximum measures over the course of a year. - All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 11.85 inches (USGS Rod & Gun (Ft. Carson) on Sept.12, 2013) When it comes to the coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States, as expected, Alaska takes the crown. Also known as the "1936 North American Heatwave," it exacerbated the levels of human suffering during the ongoing Great Depression. You may also like: 20 safety preparations for the weather this summer. Below is a list of the lowest recorded temperatures in each state.StateTemp.°FTemp.°CDateStationElevationin feetAlabama –27–33Jan. The climate summary for this page is based on data from the Global Summary of the Day and is based on weather observations between January 1940 through to December 2012 at Nome, Alaska . - All-time highest temperature: 112° F (Greenville on Aug. 20, 1983) If you think winter's been unusually harsh lately, check out these frigid temperatures! The hottest day on record was August 1 1977 when the temperature hit 86.0°F. - All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 32.52 inches (Dauphin Island #2 on July 19–20, 1997) Still, Ozark topped the charts by reaching 120 degrees. - All-time highest temperature: 100° F (Fort Yukon on June 27, 1915) - All-time highest 24-hour snowfall: 4 inches (Milton Experiment Station on March 6, 1954). The lowest Alaska temperature is −80 °F (−62.2 °C) in Prospect Creek on January 23, 1971, 1 °F (0.6 °C) above the lowest temperature recorded in continental North America (in Snag, Yukon, Canada). - All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 14.06 inches (Big Fork 1 SSE on Dec. 3, 1982) In comparison to the 25 inches of snow recorded in Dover in February 1979, there were only 4–6 inches of snowfall in January 2019. Heber Black Mesa Ranger Station is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Phoenix and is a ranger district on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. - All-time highest 24-hour snowfall: 25 inches (Dover on Feb. 19, 1979). Infoplease is a reference and learning site, combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas and several almanacs loaded with facts. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that the summer of 2019 was the second hottest in a 140-year record in the Northern Hemisphere. Walnut Grove became famous as a town burned during the Civil War. Millsboro is one of the two cities in the United States that holds the record for both the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in a state. - All-time lowest temperature: -2° F (Tallahassee on Feb.13, 1899) In September 2019, smaller rainstorms affected Denver that resulted in flash floods and mudslides. - All-time highest 24-hour snowfall: 75.8 inches (Silver Lake on April 14–15, 1921). The wettest month in Nome, AK is August with an average of 3.0 inches of rain falling on 18 to 19 days. The average temperature in Fairbanks for January 1971 was minus 31.7 — colder than an average Fairbanks January by 20 degrees. During the 2013 floods that took place across Colorado, the highest precipitation levels were recorded on Sept. 12, 2013, at Fort Carson, a United States Army installation located in El Paso County. - All-time highest temperature: 134° F (Greenland Ranch on July 10, 1913) Each slide also reveals the all-time highest 24-hour precipitation record and all-time highest 24-hour snowfall. 30, 1966New Market760Alaska –80–62Jan. 1980's Hurricane Jeanne indirectly struck Florida's Key West with heavy rainfall after it first formed in the Gulf of Mexico. If you think winter's been unusually harsh lately, check out these frigid temperatures! Infoplease is part of the FEN Learning family of educational and reference sites for parents, teachers and students. The extreme weather was termed the "Superstorm of 1993" by the National Weather Service because of its strength (equal to a Category 3 hurricane) and size. Death Valley's Greenland Ranch holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded at 134 in 1913. - All-time highest temperature: 106° F (Torrington on Aug. 23, 1916) The last time Connecticut had witnessed such heavy rainfalls was during colonial times. Check our encyclopedia for a gloss on thousands of topics from biographies to the table of elements. Get Stacker's best stories delivered right to your inbox. In fact, since the 1950s, Alaska has been warming twice as fast as the global average, according to the Fourth National Climate Assessment. Need a reference? And Alaska has often been on the forefront of impacts from climate change. - All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 23.28 inches (Key West International Airport on Nov.11–12, 1980) Nearly 5 inches of rain were recorded following several days of heavy rainfall that caused debris to block several roads. Alaska also holds the extreme US record low temperatures for every month except September and October. As some states are infamous for having blistering hot summers, others become inundated by winter storms.. More than 210 degrees Fahrenheit separates the highest and the lowest temperatures on record in the United States, the third-largest country in the world. - All-time lowest temperature: -27° F (New Market 2 on Jan. 30, 1966) In Shungnak, the wind chill reportedly dipped to minus 76 degrees on Tuesday. Infoplease knows the value of having sources you can trust. Before these aggressive heatwaves stifled 131 million Americans, the 2019 polar vortex left people shivering in the bitter cold during January across the Midwest and East Coast. - All-time lowest temperature: -17° F (CCC Fire Camp F-16 (near Beatum) on Jan. 27, 1940) - All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 11.4 inches (Workman Creek 1 on Sept. 4–5, 1970) Alaska. - All-time highest temperature: 110° F (Millsboro on July 21, 1930) 1. - All-time lowest temperature: -40° F (Hawley Lake on Jan. 7, 1971) FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century. Fish & Wildlife Southeast Region // Flickr, Most extreme temperatures in the history of every state, highest temperatures ever recorded on the planet, summer of 2019 was the second hottest in a 140-year record, these aggressive heatwaves stifled 131 million Americans, NOAA's State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC), Natural disasters linked to climate change, 20 safety preparations for the weather this summer, Notable ballot measures from the 2020 election and how they could reshape America, Biggest source of tax revenue in every state, People who retire comfortably avoid these financial advisor mistakes, Classic Baby Names that are Going Extinct, U.S. Marines history from the year you were born. - All-time highest 24-hour snowfall: 25 inches (Corning on Jan. 22, 1918). Also on earlier dates at the same or other places. Florida was struck in 2004 by four back-to-back major hurricanes within six weeks. America’s northernmost city just recorded its first record-low temperature in 13 years The mercury in Utqiagvik, Alaska, dropped to minus-20 degrees Wednesday A shot of … Learn more about the mythic conflict between the Argives and the Trojans. Pakistan has one of the highest temperature ranges in the world (temperature range refers to the difference between highest and lowest recorded temperatures ever) with proven weather conditions ranging from as high as like those in the Sahara desert, to as low as those like in Alaska. We've got you covered with our map collection. Little Rock in Arkansas had to endure its hottest summer in 2010 between June and August when the temperature went above 90 degrees for two months. Coldest: -80°F, January 23, 1971, in Prospect Creek. At one point, the storm system ran from Eastern Canada to Central America. But On Jan. 20, 1937, Boca—a former reservoir located in Nevada County—recorded a mind-numbingly cold temperature of -45 degrees. Because of this, Dover received the most snowfall in the history of Delaware's climate. Advertisement - All-time highest 24-hour precipitation: 25.83 inches (Hoegees Fc 60 A on Jan. 22–23, 1943) The driest month in Nome, AK is March with an average of 0.6 inches of rain falling on 2 to 3 days. During January the overnight temperature drops to an average of -1.8°F with the lowest temperature of -54.0°F being recorded on January 28 1989. On Dec. 14, 1967, this part of Arizona suffered from an unexpected natural disaster in the form of a non-stop snowfall that lasted eight days and came to be known as The Blizzard of 1967.


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