Chief: Armigerous These efforts were built on,  culminating in a bringing together of likeminded individuals in 2007 to have a Carruthers Chief officially confirmed. Tartan: Moffat, Clan: Nixon This site is protected by, Copyright © 2020 Clan Carruthers Society International, Mouswald to Holmains: The Charter of 1361, that began the Holmains line, Recognised Societies of the 17 Border Reiver Clans and Families (1587). District: Middlebie, Annandale Tartan: Maxwell, Clan: Little At this time a book called The Vestiarium Scoticum (full title, Vestiarium Scoticum: from the Manuscript formerly in the Library of the Scots College at Douay was produced. The Act also included the ‘Disarming Act’ that offered the same outcome for carrying a weapon. Of the 17 Reiver clans mentioned in the 1587 Act of the Suppression of Unruly Clans, most these days have a registered tartan assigned to them, very few use the tartan of another larger clan of which they have been ‘septed’ in. Sept of: N/A Historical and genealogical works on Carruthers had begun in Scotland in the mid to late 1800’s and early 1900’s by both members of the family and others with an interest in the same. District: Teviotdale Motto: Nanquam Non Paratus (Never unprepared) Basket totals may not add exactly due to rounding. Mourning tartans – generally of black and white. Accepting the input of Victoria and Albert, which cannot be ignored , it was the royal visit of George IV in 1822, which actually lit the touch paper to the resurgence of tartan popularity. Checked cloth was being used as far afield as China, Asia Minor and the Romans and probably, long before it hit our islands. This was in some part stimulated by the writings of Sir Walter Scott who romanticised not only Scottish culture but that of the Border Reiver. Many of our ‘family‘ who historically have remained in the south west of Scotland for generations, are proud of that term as a collective noun of who and what we are. The Douglases were once the most powerful family in Scotland. Registered with TECA 12 June1992. He requested all those attending royal functions while in Scotland,to wear their respective family tartans. Tartan: Little, Clan: Moffat However, evidence suggests that most certainly in many cases, there was a commercial rational to the lists of septs being made. An account from 1572 records how a housewife gave coloured wool to a weaver to make into cloth. Motto: I beir the bell, With the evolution of chemical dyes, weavers were able to introduce more elaborate patterns including more vivid and varied colours. Sept of:  N/A Clan Chief: Lord Patrick Johnstone of Annandale I have forwarded your email to our American Commissioner. Note: we charge in UK Pounds. This is the tartan normally worn in the form of a kilt, acting as a piece of visual identity and uniformity, within the clan itself, in our case Red Carruthers. Clan Chief: Armigerous Sept of: None You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Tartan: Armstrong, Clan:  Scott Hats & Caps . Crest: A hand holding a dagger, paleways Proper. These days, all tartans are registered under the auspices of the Scottish Register of Tartans, in Edinburgh commonly abbreviated to STR. The mode of dress would include a curraichd of linen over their heads, which fastened under their chin. Arms: (of Holmains) Gules, two chevrons engrailed between three fleur d-lis, Or Sept of: N/A Clan Carruthers: Scottish-Australian Heritage Council Newsletter. Incorporates elements of the Wallace and Shepherd setts. Initially the colours of all tartans were taken from natural plant dyes, roots, berries and trees local to a specific geographic area hence the regional colours and weave. from Pat Little (USA) via JCT. Motto: Promptus et Fidelis (ready and faithful) Chief: Margaret Elliot of Redheugh


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