I am not sure when this initial system started in Tamil Nadu. Eg., Su. Recently the Tamil Nadu government made an order that mother’s name should also be added in the initial (Earlier mother’s name in initial was optional, recently the TN Govt made it Compulsory.) moulee, founder — Queer Chennai Chronicles, Building Applications with Kotlin and TypeScript, Create a library that compiles to NPM and Jar with Kotlin Multiplatform, Diving deeper into context-oriented programming in Kotlin. They also, usually, use two names, the first representing their father's name and the second representing their own. But if i am not wrong, most of the Indian surnames that we have today are 90% caste names. Tamil names are unique and so is their name structure. There are people who have more than two. This variety makes for subtle, often confusing, differences in names and naming styles. "naming convention." [5], Examples include cēramān, meaning "son of Chera" composed of cēra and makan, or vēlmān, meaning "son of Vel" composed of vēl and makan.[6]. [9], The dynastic or family name acts as a prefix and occurs before the actual name. The Surnames of the Caṅkam Age: Literary & Tribal, published in 1968 sought to offer one of the earliest treatments in this area. Tamil names are unique and so is their name structure. https://www.definitions.net/definition/naming+convention. They also, usually, use two names, the first representing their father's name and the second representing their own. Web. The Cankam literature is thematically divided into akam and puram. Kō meaning 'king' signifying his official title; Cēramān is the dynastic name; Yāṇaikkat 'Elephant-eyed' is a distinctive feature; Cēi is the iyatpeyar, or proper name; and Irumporai is an appellate. If I am not wrong, other South Indian states also have the same name structure as we do. Eg., S. P. Anand, where S — Sukumar the father’s name and P — Priya the mother’s name. Indian Naming Conventions. Usually these initials stand for father, mother, grandfather (mostly paternal), or place (village, town etc). For instance, I have the initials of my father and mother. Villavaraja Mudaly Family ( The roots of the Villavaraja Mudaly (5001) and Kokuvil Mapana Mudaly (5002) families can be traced back to 1700 AD and can be claimed as authentic as they have been extracted from land titles at the "Kachcheri" in Jaffna ), Naming Conventions & Genealogy of Some Sri Lankan Families, © 2016 Lankainformation.lk. Hameen Name meaning, origin and religion. Naming conventions of the Tamilakam in the Sangam literature have been one of the foremost concerns of Tamilology. 13 Nov. 2020. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. What does naming convention mean? But sometimes just figuring what name to call them is an even greater feat. For instance, in Manhattan, streets are numbered; with East-West streets called "Streets" and North-South streets called "Avenues". Medium class family hold a small function but, Tamil Brahmin goes for elaborate rituals. Parimelazhagar[7] (c. 13th century) codified the Classical-era conventions in his explanation of the correct name of Yanaikatchai Mantaran Cheral Irumporai as Kōccēramān Yāṇaikkaṭcēi Māntarañcēral Irumpoṛai. Need to translate "naming convention" to Tamil? Information and translations of naming convention in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. We usually have ‘initials’. Since we have an unique name structure, most of the time we are mocked by North Indians who do not understand the name structure. So, in a class there may be people with same name with different initials. ... From the arabic name meaning queen. The son of P. Ramanathan would then become Ramanathan Arulanantham, where the son's name is Arulanantham and is prefixed by the name of his father.) Definition of naming convention in the Definitions.net dictionary. Where Su, Sukumar the father’s name. 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