Ralph N. Salvatore,, Advait S. Nagle,, Shaun E. Schmidt, and. Yetkin GÖK, İsmail ÖZDEMİR, Engin ÇETİNKAYA. Jasbir Singh Arora, Navneet Kaur and Otto Phanstiel IV. Aldehydes or ketones can be reduced by catalytic or chemical reductions in the presence of ammonia or primary or secondary amines, producing primary, secondary, or tertiary amines. Fax: +86-27-67842572 The analogous coupling of aniline with primary amines formed aryl-substituted secondary amines. You can write a book review and share your experiences. oxidation of amines with benzoyl peroxide. Your Mendeley pairing has expired. Chemoselective N-Acylation via Condensations of N-(Benzoyloxy)amines and α-Ketophosphonic Acids under Aqueous Conditions. Diaryliodonium Salt-Mediated Intramolecular C–N Bond Formation Using Boron-Masking N-Hydroxyamides. N Carina Eriksson, Kristina Sjödin, Fredrik Schlyter, Hans-Erik Högberg. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis of Secondary Amines via N-(Benzoyloxy)amines and Organoboranes.. N XX is the XXth reference in the list of references. The file will be sent to your email address. In this regard, we have developed a new method for the reductive amination of carbonyl compounds with nitro compounds over a heterogeneous Co–nitrogen (Co–Nx) catalyst under mild conditions (110 °C and 10 bar H2). ☺♠☻The purpose of this review is to provide a general overview for the formatiion of secondary amines utilizing pertinent examples highlighted from the literature, while discussing perspectives in the future development of improved methodologies and conditions for this functiionality. Ionic Liquids as Solvents/Catalysts for Selective Alkylation of Amines with Alkyl Halides. -Alkyl Hydroxylamines. Marian Rauser, Christoph Ascheberg, Meike Niggemann. Practical Synthesis of Hydroxamate-Derived Siderophore Components by an Indirect Oxidation Method and Syntheses of a DIG−Siderophore Conjugate and a Biotin−Siderophore Conjugate. Tang-Hao Liu, Wen-Tung Cheng and Kuo-Tung Huang . Crystallization and morphology of indanthrone converted from latent pigment in the solution with photo acid generator. Amines and their derivatives are a very important class of compounds in chemistry … "Reproduced from" can be substituted with "Adapted from". Hydrogenation of nitriles is an efficient and environmentally benign route for the synthesis of valuable amines, but it usually produces mixtures of primary, secondary and even tertiary amines. Amide-Forming Ligation of Acyltrifluoroborates and Hydroxylamines in Water. The Altmetric Attention Score is a quantitative measure of the attention that a research article has received online. In all cases the Ref. Scope and Mechanism of Intramolecular Aziridination of Cyclopent-3-enyl-methylamines to 1-Azatricyclo[,6]heptanes with Lead Tetraacetate. Go to our Anne Nemchik, Valentina Badescu, Otto Phanstiel. A. Leeson. Please note: If you switch to a different device, you may be asked to login again with only your ACS ID. Citations are the number of other articles citing this article, calculated by Crossref and updated daily. This article is cited by Huayou Hu, Juan A. Faraldos and Robert M. Coates. Cesium Effect:  High Chemoselectivity in Direct N-Alkylation of Amines. For reproduction of material from all other RSC journals and books: For reproduction of material from all other RSC journals. Hongyan Guo,, Saleh A. Naser,, George Ghobrial, and. -Functionalization of Aliphatic Nitro Compounds. * Reproduced material should be attributed as follows: If the material has been adapted instead of reproduced from the original RSC publication or in a thesis or dissertation provided that the correct acknowledgement is given This promising cheap heterogeneous catalyst allows an efficient domino reductive amination of carbonyl compounds with nitro compounds. zehuizh@mail.ustc.edu.cn, jinshiweiscuec@126.com The reaction of a ketone with ammonia, followed by catalytic reduction or reduction by sodium cyanoborohydride, produces a 1° amine. Electrophilic Amination: The Case of Nitrenoids. L. Jiang, P. Zhou, Z. Zhang, Q. Chi and S. Jin, Key Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials Sciences of the Ministry of Education, South-Central University for Nationalities, Wuhan, P. R. China, Instructions for using Copyright Clearance Center page. Chemoselective Amide Formation Using O-(4-Nitrophenyl)hydroxylamines and Pyruvic Acid Derivatives. The intermediate N-(benzoyloxy)amines were converted to their N-ethylamine derivatives upon reaction with triethylborane in THF in good yield (54−89%). Corresponding authors, a Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New Citrate-Based Siderophores as Potential Probes for the Mechanism of Iron Uptake in Mycobacteria.


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