(ii) Step 1: Protonation of methoxymethane. These are generally called glycols because of their sweet taste. Q26 : How is 1-propoxypropane synthesised from propan-1-ol? Phenol reacts with sodium hydroxide to give sodium phenoxide and water as by products. Question 6. What is meant by hydroboration- oxidation reaction? (ii) 2-Methylbutan-2-ol (iv) Friedel-Craft’s acetylation of anisole. Q16 : Explain how does the -OH group attached to a carbon of benzene ring activate it towards electrophilic substitution? (iv) 1-Methoxyethane Assertion: Like bromination of benzene, bromination of phenol is also carried out in … (i) Benzene react with chlorine in the presenc of ferric chloride which form chlorobezene, which on further reaction with sodium hydroxide gives sodium phenoxide. (v) 85% phosphoric acid Haloarenes and Method of preparation of Haloarenes, Physical and chemical property of Haloarenes, General method of preparation of Alcohol, Industrial method of preparation of alcohol, Victor Meyers method of distinguish Primary,Secondary and Tertiary alcohol. The reaction with R’COOH and (R’ CO)2O is reversible, so cone, H2SO4 is used to remove water. Answer : Step 2: Formation of 2° carbocation by the elimination of a water molecule This reaction is an electrophilic substitution reaction and electrophile is dichlorocarbene. If propene is allowed to react with water in the presence of an acid as a catalyst, then propan – 2-ol is obtained. Before appearing in the main examination, candidates must try mock test as it helps the students learn from their mistakes. Phenol is an aromatic organic compound with the molecular formula C 6 H 5 OH. Hence, in place of ethers, alkenes are formed. 1 answer. Candidates can click on the subject wise link to get the same. The reaction produces a primary alcohol with methanol, a secondary alcohol with aldehydes (except methanal) and tertiary alcohol with ketones, To avoid dehydrohalogenation of RX, mild alkalies like moist. iii) It is used for the preparation of various organic compounds like phenol, ethylbenzene, benzene hexachloride, drugs, dyes, explosives, etc. Step 2: 1. Reimer-Tiemann reaction Question 31. It can be observed from the resonance structures that the electron density increases more at the ortho and para positions that at the meta position. (a) Question 33. (i) Propene → Propan-2-ol The hybridisation of 0 atom in ethers is sp3 (tetrahedral) and its shape is V-shape. 4. (g) Each and every carbon atom in the benzene is sp2 hybridized. In dehydration reaction, highly substituted alkene is the major product and if the major product is capable of showing cis-trans isomerism, trans-product is the major product. Benzene undergoes following different types ofg chemical reactions, Benzene commonly undergoesESR rather than addition reaction. Answer : (iii) Bromine water Cone HNO3 gives II; dil HNO3 gives II and III; Bi(NO3)3 or NaNO3 gives VI; Fenton’s reagent or NaOBr or Br2 water in Na2CO3 gives a mixture of I and IV. (ix) Cyclopent-3-en-1-ol (iii) Butane – 2,3 – diol (v) 2-Methylphenol (ix) (iii) (i) Acetylation of salicylic acid produces aspirin. 1. Williamson ether synthesis is a laboratory method to prepare symmetrical and unsymmetrical ethers by allowing alkyl halides to react with sodium alkoxides. (i) monohydric-containing one – OR group, (ii) dihydric-containing two – OR groups and. It is used In the preparation of various beverages containing different percentages. place: H2O + H+ → H3O+. Step 1: Protonation This reaction involves SN2 attack of the alkoxide ion on the alkyl halide. Compare acidity of phenol with that of ethanol. Due to the presence of such group, the new incoming electrophile takes meta position with respect to the group already present in the benzene. It is a colourless, odourless, viscous and hygroscopic liquid.2. Tertiary alcohols react immediately with Lucas’ reagent. (vii) 2,5 – Dimethyl phenol 3-Methylbutan-2-ol (2°) (ix) 1 – Methoxy – 2 – Methyl propane (vi) Butan-2-one to butan-2-ol. Ethanol undergoes intermolecular H-boding due to the presence of -OH group, resulting in the association of molecules. (iii) (i) 2-Methylbutan-2-ol On the other hand butane does not. Unhybridized p orbital of each carbon laterally overlap with each other to form π - electron cloud above and below the plane of σ bond. 5. 1. Illustrate it with an example. 4. Answer : Answer: Question 22. This addition product is oxidized to alcohol by hydrogen peroxide in the presence of aqueous sodium hydroxide. Write the equation of the reaction of hydrogen iodide with: the aromatic ring towards electrophilic substitution reaction. [The boiling point decreases in the order 1° > 2° > 3° as the van der Waals’ forces of attraction decreases]. For the sake of the candidates we are providing Class 12 Mock Test / Practice links below. In phenols, -OR group is attached to Sp2 hybridised carbon. (iii) For a given alcohol order of reactivity of HX is, For a given halogen acid order of reactivity of alcohols. The dihydric phenol further rosy be ortho, meta’ or para derivative. (iii), Q6 : Give structures of the products you would expect when each of the following alcohol reacts with (a) HCl-ZnCl2 (b) HBr and (c) SOCl2. (iv) Propane – 1, 2, 3 – triol Thus, benzene is activated towards electrophilic substitution by the alkoxy group. CBSE Sample Papers 2021 for Class 12 – Urdu (Elective), CBSE Sample Papers 2021 for Class 12 – Urdu (Core), CBSE Sample Papers 2021 for Class 12 – Philosophy, CBSE Sample Papers 2021 for Class 12 – Theatre Studies, CBSE Notes Class 12 Chemistry Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids. The structures of all isomeric alcohols of molecular formula, C5H12O are shown below


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