%PDF-1.6 %���� Industrial catalytic processes—phenol production, Process for preparing high-purity diisobutene, Process of preparing ethylbenzene or substituted derivatives thereof, Liquid phase alkylation and transalkylation method using beta zeolite, Continuous process for preparing ethylbenzene using liquid phase alkylation and vapor phase transalkylation, Catalytic hydrocarbon condensation process, Process for production of propylene and ethylbenzene from dilute ethylene streams, Liquid-phase alkylation and transalkylation process. By Intratec Options | August 1, 2020 This column is predicated on “Cumene from Benzene and RG Propylene (Zeolite Catalyst) – Value Evaluation,” a Technology Profile: Cumene Production from Benzene - The Connecting Newspaper Conversion of alcoholic oxygenates to propylene using moving bed technology and etherification process. In addition, the zeolite-based process offers higher product purities and uses a regenerable catalyst, eliminating the waste disposal problems associated with the SPA and AlCl3 catalysts. 0�����i7�M�a6�1��"�{��C��^t$3���n2��!��a�ɍ��+��= ۤr[����q��)��c����+Li;Dc��ϩ�HnV�^�<1A�q[t�:�����Њ�P�9=CH�:*l��A Φ*���C0�9 �cPŽ��;�#`�10ޛ ���L8�x@���|B�8A� endobj endstream /Length 9 0 R << ;ASSIGNOR:KATALISTIKS INTERNATIONAL, INC., A CORP. OF MD;REEL/FRAME:005006/0782, UOP, A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP OF NY, ILLINOIS, ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST. )>ٶ�oΌ�Pn��b�]�p0���o݂Њ�d��fՒ4�k�0�RZ�����޲���y SE�7��o*����j�U���*DfI��>�/y/+Jk�)�]�x����vK���ϊ�2�D�"Uq �{q�2�Z$�p��C����24�+�#�s ��ʼ�T��/�x5g�4l03��:0���W�(�w'�t�[J%. �=z�q@@�����K=dZ��`�].�D`�@j�-��.�:��:���m�? hR,����;���޷� <. A process to reduce utility consumption in the catalytic alkylation of benzene with propylene to form cumene. Questions about this are answered in the solution. The benzene leaving the top of the second column is the recycle that is mixed with the fresh benzene feed. 2020-05-30T13:35:39-05:00 In this process, benzene is alkylated with CG propylene using a zeolite catalyst, yielding Cumene. SetaPDF-Merger Component v2.32.0.1371 ©Setasign 2005-2020 (www.setasign.com) ;ASSIGNOR:UOP INC.;REEL/FRAME:005077/0005, Process for continuous production of cumene and/or diisopropylbenzene, Process for the production of alkylbenzene using a mordenite modified based catalyst, Alkylation process with reactor effluent heat recovery, Process for the production of tertiary butylethylbenzene, Method for minimizing diarylalkane formation in alkylation of aromatics by olefins by zeolite beta, Integrated cracking and olefins derivative process utilizing dilute olefins, Method for minimizing diarylalkane formation in alkylation-transalkylation process using zeolite beta, Production of alkyl aromatics by passing transalkylation effluent to alkylation zone, Recovery process for wet aromatic alkylation and dry aromatic transalkylation, Production of ethyl aromatics by passing portions of transalkylation effluent to a multi-bed alkylation zone, Production of isopropyl aromatics by passing portions of transalkylation effluent to a multi-bed alkylation zone, Production of alkyl aromatics by passing transalkylation effluent to alkylation zone and to product recovery zone, Attrition resistant zeolitic layered catalyst composition and aromatics alkylation process for using the composition, Alkylation process operating at low olefin ratios, Carbon dioxide recovery in an ethylene to ethylene oxide production process, Olefin recovery in a polyolefin production process, Process for the production of alkylbenzene, Process for the production of alkylaromatics, Process for the production of alkylbenzene with ethane stripping, Aromatic alkylation process with direct recycle, Processes for the production of cumene, polyetherimides, and polycarbonates, Energy efficient method and apparatus for exothermic reactions, Selective preparation method for 1, 3 ,5-tricumene, Process for benzene removal from gasoline, Integrated methods of preparing renewable chemicals, Manufacture of isopropyl benzene by alkylation, Preparation of m-and p-diisopropylbenzene, Process for alkylation of aromatic compounds, Alkylation/transalkylation process for selective production of monoalkylated aromatics, Alkylation process operating at high recycle ratios, Method of controlling monoalkyl aromatic process, Process for preparing attrition resistant zeolitic layered catalyst composition, Energy efficient method for exothermic reactions, Selective production and reaction of p-Disubstituted aromatics over zeolite ZSM-48, Conversion of methanol to products comprising gasoline boiling components, Alkylation of aromatics with ethylene and propylene: recent developments in commercial processes. Because of its high benzene-to-cumene selectivity, the zeolite-based process has the lowest production costs of all the processes using refinery-grade propylene. application/pdf >> ���ш�d.��q�n2 (c�B(!IY�@�ҽM�`�@�^*,hԎa{�khp�X,�����b����߹��1�r"b�;>W �&�1,N1=VsV4���6��@!σ��RQs������N���hةz�m\��cb�2����6��h�xZ1{㿡��-���ڶ[��rđ [v��Ds�4/���j"$���l�������0E�a��C =��A�{�i���������/ȫ�E]&�T�q�D>_�c��9}���"�$��.���o�3v����N&��CN��R��9#�.t\�����F8]^0�m,���U��d.��ͬ6�v B]%F�"�b�I� ��1��Q@l5$mҮ�0�׃wM!��&��K��&ft�*d|h_,)��U�0ҊC�v*�5 ��C�s�����ZOI�Y���ÄdH;D[( \� ��th�.��yLY�=A�������C��N �_�V4(���C�tRl�7� �XRy-�q��"b ��/G8�x�*�_h�;����7^ %���� ¥æ€»åŽ‚, ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST. /Filter /LZWDecode Cumene Production Reaction The reaction for cumene production from benzene and propylene is as follows: propylene benzene cumene C 3 H 6 + C 6 H 6 → C 9 H 12 Process Description The raw materials are benzene and propylene. <> design. This report presents a cost analysis of Cumene production from benzene and chemical grade (CG) propylene. Unknown stream 2020-05-30T13:35:39-05:00 stream "$���T�����nD2��&sp��r7��KR�-Ņ�k@�Gq�ʆ�Yt�e�� 2020-05-30T13:35:39-05:00 Of the propylene fed to the process, 20% does not react and leaves in the overhead product from the first distillation column. �@h�A��� h���"%C04Z0㑼��Fr��@(#�� ��e1�&�I��,��H�C9���*AP�S6�̇�q��E9�bF� �n.H��!��! The process examined is a typical alkylation process using a zeolite catalyst. 17 0 obj Discusses about cumene production from benzene and propylene reaction. Ɠ.�̀���h����b� �(r�����5��j�5C�� ��k�ӷ�rG#�7����4�cDh4P�����#�A�c�[��)ck��J��h�H.ܾ��������L;Pq�ͅ���O�!�q,���UM�z�Hr�l�7\����,�F�['����`V����8qnI!D��8 ���Q����9���Jӵ3bz7� Benzene and propylene are fed from separate storage tanks (TK-201 and TK-202, not shown on the PFD (Figure 1)), through


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