I just feel that once I bought it, the dealer and manufacturer are not interested and struggle to contact you back. There's so much to like about the Himalayan, especially if you approach it with realistic expectations. Unfortunately, the suspension is extremely undersprung for the American market. I mean seriously! The full & side stand as standard work well. I was sold by the test ride and I'm not regretting the purchase. Both seated and standing. At 5' 8" I can get my toes down OK. Buying experience: No issues with the purchase as this was a new model. But I need to add a glowing review to bat back all the bad reviews this bike seems to attract. Handling is very neutral and the Himalayan is easy to ride, as long as the pace remains relatively moderate. Fun to ride and great value for money. The Himalayan's engine is an all-new design with more technology incorporated in its design than any Royal Enfield has seen before. QB motorcycles in the West Midlands gave me a half day loan of the demo bike and no pressure to buy. The dealer will pull them apart and seal with silicone sealant, sounds like a bodge and sand and repaint the rails. Royal Enfield Himalayan is only available with a 411cc single-cylinder engine that churns out 24.31PS of power and 32Nm of peak torque mated to a 5-speed gearbox. Suspensions good bit hard, but I am 105kg so for a basic set up it's fine. Taller riders like myself (six feet, three inches) might feel a bit cramped. And I'm SO pleased I did. I can also understand what goes through these adventure seekers mind when they come back from the journey and actually give this motorcycles for a service and maintenance. However, the pannier rails have been rusting after nine months, and quite badly. You get ABS but you can't switch it off for off-roading. Overall, a capable bike. Even the humble little alloy panniers (£499 extra) fill you with a sense of joy at the adventures to come. And finally, after a lot of speculations, Royal Enfield came up with what was totally unexpected in this segment – a proper fully focused adventure tourer, the Himalayan. We have updated our Privacy Policy. Top Speed: Royal Enfield Himalayan top speed is 140 kmph (speedo-indicated). We first saw the Enfield Himalayan in 2015 and it showed a lot of promise. See our So as a result the Himalayan is now eligible for sale in the markets of New Delhi. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. I found myself regularly relying on the rear brake for additional stopping power, which is something I rarely do under normal street riding conditions. I've had mine since March and have used it in all weather. Now we Indian are best known for ‘Jugaads’ right. Here we go:-. Where the power delivery is lacking on the road, in slimy mud it’s confidence inspiring. ABS is not an available feature. I was not impressed with the stock Pirelli tires off-road. 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If statistics are to be believed, India is in the highest rankings in terms of growing economy. Now, Royal Enfield has three different motorcycles in almost the same price range – Classic 350, Thunderbird 350 and Himalayan. Stand back while it warms up and it looks every inch the part – the reinforced steel frame designed by Harris Performance oozes adventure, as does the 21in front. Gets you thinking doesn’t it? And that alone might be just enough to nudge a few more people into the world of adventure riding who may have previously been afraid to try it out. If you’re going on price alone, the Himalayan’s $4,499 MSRP is closest to Yamaha’s TW200 or Suzuki’s VanVan, both of which are $100 more expensive than the Himalayan. For a budget bike the ride quality is exceptional. For those concerned with the Himalayan’s durability after the infamous video of the bike’s footpeg breaking off during testing, it handled the crash like a champ. On a fast A-road with the throttle twisted to the stop in fifth, I had to watch as the photographer’s van pulled away with ease. Handling and roadholding are top drawer, but the original tyres wore too quickly. 1.77 lakh. You are left with proper off-road footpegs if you unbolt the rubbers, too. I wasn’t in the saddle of this bike for more than five minutes when my thoughts immediately turned to "Long Way Round," the show that did more for BMW’s adventure segment of motorcycles than any amount of traditional advertising could have hoped to achieve. For those concerned with picking up a large bike, this little guy was much easier to lift upright than pretty much any other adventure bike I have ever crashed, and I’ve crashed a few. I think this is a niche market no large manufacturers are nailing some of us still want a simple, reliable bike. View Hitchcock's from inside the building, click here and explore all areas. I'm 85kgs and the suspension works well for me. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. It is available in 6 variants and 6 colours. Royal Enfield Himalayan The Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle with a price tag ranging between Rs. Unlike bikes like the Versys-X 300 and the BMW G 310 GS, which utilize the engine as a stressed member, thus leaving it exposed to abuse in off-road situations, the frame serves as basic engine protection. VAT no 918 5617 01 to earn ZillaCash on your next purchase with us. Other than a cracked mirror, a bent handlebar, and a broken rear brake pedal, there was barely a scratch on the bike, which immediately fired right up. In spite of the soft suspension, the bike steered through corners with a light touch. The suspension too comes into its own as the long travel (200mm front, 180mm rear) soaks up all but the biggest bumps. So what we usually do is take our everyday motorcycles and try to make it an offroader, an adventure motorcycle or whatever you like to call it before actually taking it out on these tough motorcycle killer roads. 25 bhp is enough for road riding. The Himalayan is a pretty basic machine. But I'm pretty happy. OEM tyres are good (pirelli). Questions I have fielded range from street performance to off-road prowess, with queries regarding Royal Enfield’s build quality and reliability leading the pack. The firm are using the low-capacity adventure bike as a test mule for their latest 'International' sidecar, which draws inspiration from the firm’s original version launched back in 1938. The simplicity of the Himalayan means there's not an awful lot to go wrong, and early indications are that the reliability is good. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is the “Claudio” of adventure motorcycles. A hard stop needs a hard squeeze - but that means you are in control, very reassuring on cold, damp roads. Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla. It has proper off-road pegs too once you unbolt the rubbers. Himalayan is a capable looking ADV in itself, no pretence what so ever" As previously stated this is a "no frills machine" but that is obviously reflected in the price. Engine is fine, I only have 1.5 miles at 70mph the rest is 50-20mph. All Rights Reserved, Read the full 2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan A glimpse of what to expect from the TV Show, Ride any one of them and get noticed instantly, The dedicated adventure tourer is priced at INR. All purchases Now Have 90 Day Returns! Review your ENFIELD HIMALAYAN (2018 - on), Great off road, not so good on duel carriageways, Very economical, you hardly ever need to refuel, Easy to load luggage onto for camping trips, Buying experience: Took a test ride at a dealer but then purchased secondhand from a private seller. This is not the case with some other smaller ADV machines that are fitted with a 19-inch front wheel, limiting their tire options. RevZilla photo. It’s going to appeal to riders who are fans of the retro/scrambler craze, which is still going strong. Sure its only 24.5 bhp but offers great torque and simplicity. I am not a off road enthusiast but I am planning to buy Himalayan for it … Leave off the brakes, try to carry more corner speed and it all goes a bit loopy as the soft suspension begins to struggle. In fact, it was never intended for the American market. Does the job well plenty of torque for less than 25bhp I can't think of a better engine. Underpowered and feels a bit strangled, there are decat pipes and louder end cans available and very reasonably priced also a booster plug which helps with the initial pick up so should feel more responsive. The segment, which is considered to be the most practical among the big sports oriented motorcycles, have shown that the average Indian motorcycling enthusiasts have geared up and have become way more mature than they actually were. The seat is firm & by using a sheepskin cover I can last about 2 hours before numbum sets in. For additional luggage capacity, they have also rather cleverly recycled one of the tank-mounted luggage racks from the original machine and re-mounted it on the left, to the rear of the machine. We then rode it in through the Himalayan mountains in India, but back then it was carburetted and not destined for the UK. But I know I can understand what goes through these adventure enthusiasts mind while you actually take your beloved well maintained cruisers and sportsbikes on a trip to Ladakh or any place which is definitely not your motorcycle playground. Come on MCN, check out the other reviews and keep it in perspective relative to the engine size and price. During these years Royal Enfields made in Redditch and in India have produced countless different models and upgrades. Clocks are functional and do the job well I think digital clocks would look odd on this bike. The Royal Enfield Himalayan opened a new direction towards providing affordable dedicated adventure motorcycle which sole purpose is touring. Buying experience: I bought my bike from Motorcycle Trading in Berkshire. Tell us what you love or what we need to fix. Just sips the go juice. As for braking systems .. The Himalayan is affordable and approachable with a style all its own.


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