| Disinfection, Ozone Monitoring, Decontamination of surface and water Forensic Analysis, Protein analysis, DNA sequencing, Drug discovery, Optical sensing and Imaging of dyes, inks and markers and etc.

PKG UV LED Catalog download.


But, starting from this year, the water/air sterilization/purification system using UV LED of UVC wavelength range will be commercialized.

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ALONEFIRE - Uses svc 365nm uv led source rather than the diode lamp, up to 10W power consumption and 2400mW luminous power, which make it become professional ultraviolet flashlight for some professional use.

Mercury UV Lamp’s usable life is about 2,000 hours. The UV LED has different application family according to the luminous wavelength and the UV A scope(315-400mm) is mainly used for light firearms, forgery testing machine etc, the UV B scope(280-315mm) is used in medical equipment, analyzing machine and vitamin synthesis etc for medical/bio fields and the UV C scope(280-200mm) is used mainly in the environment field like the sterilization/purification/filtration of water etc. UV LED is much smaller in size than conventional UV lamp, so it gives more flexibilities for designing the UV applications.

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The electromagnetic spectrum of ultraviolet light can be subdivided in a number of ways.

The main difference is that the 395 nm LED emits much more visible light than the 365 nm LED. color:999;

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| Country Search | The UV LED does not use mercury and thus is environment-friendly and has advantages of long lifespan, saving of energy and low heat loss etc.

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