11 bottles are still sitting at my parents’ place. In this review of Tanqueray, you’ll learn all about this spirit, including the following topics (use the links below to “jump” to a specific section): Unlike other gins, Tanqueray is not made with citrus; this leads it to be a much drier gin than other popular brands. Good point Mick, in an effort to capture new markets, some distillers are over-thinking their Gin. Although that 7% doesn't seem like much, it allows the spirit to stand up to some pretty bold mixers without ever feeling watery. Otherwise, you can use Drizly where it’s available for around the same price if you’re in a hurry. Added details to the bottle include the red wax seal representing the Tanqueray family crest and seal of quality. Its orange flavour is made more complex by notes of blossom that keep it from feeling merely like gin mixed with orange juice, creating a rounded, refreshing drink with a sophisticated floral edge. One of the best known gins in the world, Tanqueray London Dry Gin is a gin you can trust and find anywhere. And Tanqueray Malacca was so popular in its first Lazarus moment— that it was brought back again in 2018. The finish is clean and smooth with juniper lingering nicely. There’s a huge overlap in gin aroma fashion and fashion in general (with many gin themes colognes hitting the market in the last ~10 years). As a martini, no. Then my second will be a hefty Tanq. Having said that, these days I’d go for Martin Miller, Botanist, Sacred Heart or another modern gin. After returning to the states (and finding this website,) I started a journey into different gins and their best uses in different cocktails. IIWII. Tanqueray Gin is one of the original "London Dry" styles of gin. Learn all there is to know about Tanqueray gin now! While Reserve Bar is a traditional online retailer, Drizly works in partnership with local stores to deliver liquor to your door within an hour! For information on alcohol guidelines, read our guide to drinking responsibly. This review was last updated in June 2019. I’ll usually begin with something a bit different at the start of an evening, but when I move on from the fancy, I always land on Tanq. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Definitely doesn’t echo any of the other trademarks of the Tanqueray brand. My SO the other night, finished of my last ounce of Brokers with a dash of Aviation. I find the intense juniper just goes with the season. I find the 2018 release to be harsh and too much like so many other, cheaper London gins. But I suppose now, as a gin drinking public, we’re more open minded to the idea that a gin- even a gin from a big name like Tanqueray- can lead with notes other than juniper. Secondly, it also does not use a concentrated botanical distillation which is diluted with neutral spirit after distillation. by Clayton Walker. I like it in a traditional one but try blending it with M & R Bianco, maybe a bit of freshly squeezed citrus, could drink it all evening. By producing the spirit themselves, it allows a greater consistency before infusing the botanicals and immediately distilling the liquor. Fans of gin and classic gin, will appreciate the drier, more juniper-forward profile which stands in contrast to many of its peers which balance juniper with citrus and additional spice botanicals. Citrus up front again, a tad bit of acidic tang. The design of the Art Deco style Tanqueray 10 Gin bottle with the red wax seal sets the bar high. I enjoy them all depending on my whim and the application. I have an all consuming passion for both fragrance and flavour which has taken me on a journey all over the Globe in pursuit of discovering the new and the interesting. I’m new to the Gin and I have been exploring so many small batches and found very lousy product until I got this Malacca that according to my palate it has hit a great product… Not sure how it was in 2013… But this one defeat many out there. Delicious mixed drink, highly recommended. The gin tradition of Charles Tanqueray began on Vine Street in Bloomsbury in 1830. I’ll try the pretty stuff, all pink, fruity and floral for the first glass (with Soda of course). About Tanqueray Gin Tanqueray Gin has a long and fascinating history and is in the top 10 highest selling gins in the world. I don’t know why the recipe had to change. (picture at right). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a dive, club, or concert venue, and in search of a good drink called out the Tanqueray that I knew would be back there. Alternatively, it’s very easy to find online and can be simply picked up for $26 on Reserve Bar. Lemon pith and caraway seed. A classic zesty affair that is rather pleasingly super simple to make. Tanqueray sells over 2 million nine litre cases each year, making it comfortably one of the top five selling gins in the world. Lime and grapefruit predominantly. Great blog this! This awesome Tanqueray 10 Gin review even includes a Tanqueray No. Tanqueray brought back from the dead a gin which sold like ice to Eskimos a decade back. I think Tanqueray does just fine in a martini, sipping on one right now. Martinez: Nice, but I found it lacking in the rich earthy base notes, and slight tangy sweetness that more Old Tom style gins bring to it. Citrus on the nose at first. Strong juniper and citrus greet the palate concluding with a very brisk, dry finish. Tanqueray Gin Review & Tasting Notes. I mean, think about your favorite bourbon, scotch, rum, rye, or tequila.


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