Click for automatic bibliography Combine water, grits and salt in a 4 cup microwave-safe bowl according to chart above for 1 serving only. The water may be recycled directly to the cooked grits prior to undergoing cooling and freezing or indirectly to a jacketed vessel surrounding the cooked grits in an effort to assist in further cooling. Our method for treating grits and similar proteinaceous material is basically a five-step process which first involves: a. & Terms of Use. Cooking times at lower ratios will be reduced proportionately. As noted, the thawing stage generally takes place at ambient temperatures to bring the crystallized water into liquid form and is thereafter followed by a squeezing stage of the sponge-like material to remove additional water. people Try free for 15-days. On occasion I'll make a half-batch adding the garlic and 1-2 tablespoons ground kelp and top the grits with four fried eggs. In order to provide the initial product employed in the present invention, it is preferred that the husk and germ be removed from the whole corn kernel. Sign up now to see prices in your local store. Oven safe mitts are recommended. Where can you download ringtones for free? When served for breakfast, or in main meal dishes, Jim Dandy Grits are a taste of the Old South. For thicker, creamier grits, cook longer); 1/3 cup grits; 1/8 tsp. The product upon thawing generally has a moisture content of about 95% by weight. I have tried everything but its missing something. 3,399,839 to Anderson et al which is incorporated herein be reference. It is preferred that the withdrawal of the heat of crystallization be carried out over a prolonged period of time (i.e. During toasting, any high heat source to burn or toast the product is employed, such as the Chromalox heater noted. a meal plan in 2 clicks for free! They can be bought online, see link. I have tried everything but its missing something. The present invention provides a new process for producing instant corn grits having the advantage of shorter preparation times as well as the elimination of emulsifier ingredients. Generally, the product, after squeezing, has a moisture content of approximately 60 to 65%. Twenty-five percent of the final product of Example 1 is toasted for flavor under a 1100 watt, two-element Chromalox radiant heater. Jim Dandy Grits (fine, medium or coarse), produced by The Jim Dandy Company. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? This is the maximum water content that can be removed generally by physical processes. Rapid freezing is preferably to be avoided while the time for cooling the material to the freezing zone is not considered as important. The preferred blend includes medium and fine screenings having a seive size greater than 20 mesh and passing through 12 mesh (all mesh sizes herein being U.S. Standard screen sizes). I typically add about two tablespoons ground turmeric root and two tablespoons fresh diced garlic too. The use of degerminated ground corn kernels and the like yields an instant cornmeal grit tasting product having a taste and texture very similar to conventionally cooked grits. Or select a store for pickup Choose a convenient time & pickup your order at one of our stores Choose a convenient time & pickup your order at one of our stores Jim Dandy and Palmetto Farms White Stone Ground are the two brands of grits with the most consistent high quality. The first step of our process, after selecting and/or preparing a suitable initial product, is to gelatinize fully the initial product in water without allowing any significant dextrinization of the material to occur. salt (optional). Two prior art methods employed in the manufacture of instant grits are illustrated by U.S. Pat. For generations, Southern cooks have trusted the quality and convenience of Jim Dandy Quick Grits. The instant grits prepared according to our process have been both analyzed by gas chromatography and tasted by definitive taste testing and have been found comparable to ordinary cooked grits. The initial product is a blend of various sizes in certain proportions of the material. However, it is most economical to allow the product to thaw by standing at room temperature. Still yet, another object of our invention is to provide a method for providing an instant corn grit and like proteinaceous material product. Create Such preservatives are well known in the art and are of an antioxidant nature to prevent degradation via air and bacteria. Made from white corn, these quick-cooking grits serve up hot and creamy in just five minutes. In which Olympics was the first tennis match played? During the freezing stage, the product need not be in a sealed container. Amount of sodium in Jim Dandy Quick Grits: How many carbs are in Jim Dandy Quick Grits? The products produced according to these methods do not require the addition of an emulsifier as employed in other prior art methods such as illustrated in U.S. Pat. 3. The time through the freezing temperature may be as low as about 2 to 3 minutes. Jim Dandy and Palmetto Farms White Stone Ground are the two brands of grits with the most consistent high quality. The toasted batch is then mixed back with the remaining 75% of the dried mass to yield a finished product.


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